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Wind Energy Facts

Wind Energy is the utilization of kinetic energy from the wind to supply electrical energy to a generator, usually through the use of wind generators. Wind energy is a rapidly growing, popular alternative renewable energy resource that also has a smaller impact on our environment than burning fossil fuels. Wind energy systems can be either horizontal or vertical in design. Horizontal wind energy generators work well on flat terrain and vertical wind energy systems work better in windy climates.

eco-friendly nature

There are many advantages to utilizing wind energy, the most obvious being its eco-friendly nature. The wind is clean energy that doesn’t have any byproducts such as smoke or exhaust. Wind turbines can be placed just about anywhere on your land (except in locations restricted by building ordinances), unlike solar panels and other alternative clean energy resources that need to be installed in sensitive sites. Wind turbines naturally look better than solar panels and other alternative energy installations, and they do not cause any harm to the environment.

clean energy

Wind energy generated from ongoing, large-scale projects such as wind farms has experienced steady growth in the past two decades. In the last few years, the United States has accounted for one-fifth of the world’s annual production of wind energy. In this year’s presidential election, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both promised to support the development and use of clean energy.

renewable energy

The growth of the U.S. domestic wind energy industry came about after the passage of the Production Tax Credit. This credit was designed to stimulate new investments in renewable energy by encouraging state utility companies to build and operate more wind energy plants. As of the end of 2021, there are already seven wind energy plants operating in the United States. These plants collectively produce a total of about 100 kW of electricity per hour. The wind energy produced in this way is often sold back to the electrical company, reducing the owner’s income.

create electricity

In order to use our wind energy to create electricity, we must learn how to harness its power at its most efficient level. One way to do this is by building large “fields” of wind energy turbines. Large fields of these turbines can create enough electricity for a town or city to function. Many states are allowing towns and cities to apply for grants to help them pay for the cost of creating these large fields. Other states are looking into the feasibility of tax incentives to encourage the building and operation of more wind energy plants.

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