What You Need To Know Before Buying A Bulletproof Vest

low-cost ballistic protection

A bulletproof vest, also called a soft body vest, ballistic vest, or bullet-proof vest, is an extremely popular form of protective body armor. It offers very low-cost ballistic protection by absorbing the force of firearms or other projectiles. Vests are often used by law enforcement and security personnel. The vest is made out of lightweight and high density polyethylene, or DEphylamine-based polystyrene, an absorbent of force and shock, which may stop the bullet.

In case of an attacker or any criminal trying to shoot a police officer, a vest with a high density it will prevent the bullet from piercing the officer’s bullet-resistant vest. Nij is actually the abbreviation for nitromethane, a material containing ethylene oxide. The material is usually blended with cloth to produce the protective vest. Compared to the caliber of handgun bullet, the force of the bullet acquires is much lower, which means lower dispersing of energy, which in turn, decreases the amount of deformation to the vest material and ultimately the individual.

lightweight flexible material

There are two major types of soft body armor available to security personnel. One type is constructed of a lightweight flexible material such as spandex or cotton blend that has little or no impact energy and is excellent for wear under regular clothing. The other is constructed of heavy, rigid material such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, or plate steel that generates a considerable amount of force when impacting a target and transfers the energy to the individual wearing the vest. It must dissipate this energy in a slow, controlled fashion away from the individual. This is why it is ideal for close-quarter battle or defense against rifles, shotguns, handguns, and other fast-moving objects.

Proof vests are constructed with various materials and different bullet types designed to minimize impact energy and transfer that to the individual wearing the vest. For example, a solid shot proof vest is constructed with high quality fabric that will absorb the energy generated by the fired shot and transfer it to the individual. A soft proof construction is constructed with a less dense matrix of padding to reduce the spread of impact. The most recent design combines the best of both worlds by incorporating soft padding over hard carrier plates. The plates are rigid enough to withstand high velocity impacts without dispersing energy in a controlled fashion. This allows the user to have the best of both worlds while still wearing the best armour possible.

a quality bullet proof vest

Aside from the protection provided by the vest to the wearer, the most important thing about a bulletproof vest is the ease by which it can be worn and concealed. Unlike traditional full body armour, a bulletproof vest is very concealable. Since most individuals would not want to be seen carrying a vest that can shoot through their chest or prone, the vest is a good solution for those who are concerned with their appearance but don’t want to expose their body to the possibility of having their body shot.

As, well as adding added safety features, a quality bullet proof vest also adds a dramatic flair. For example, a newer design incorporates both spike protection and an optional buckle strap. These two features will increase protection to the wearer but will also increase the aesthetic value of the garment. The addition of a small pair of gun holster holsters will also add to the appeal of the vest. For all these reasons, there is no reason that a person should avoid investing in a bullet proof vest.

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