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Vogt: Adding Value To Your Hospitality Operations

As the owner of a luxury four-star hotel, you probably have heard the term “Hotel Tech” at some point. But what does this term mean? Can you use hotel tech services to improve your business? Is there a difference between hotel tech services and other hospitality-related technologies such as room service or concierge? Before you hire a tech support company to help your hotel operate more efficiently, ask the following questions to see if they are the appropriate professionals for your needs.


Does the tech support company specialize in extremely complex businesses?

If your guest line is accessed by tech workers who often work off-site (under contract with a client), the best technology companies will have employees with real-world experience of operating a hotel group. Tech support should be able to demonstrate they have worked with large hotels before. If they are a small operation, ask for statistics regarding the amount of employee training and hands-on experience that they provide their clients.


Does the vote vocation center on one supplier?

Many hotelier techs work on one major vendor, adding very little value to the business. They will not be aware of any other opportunities that your larger hotel group may have available to add value to your travel and stay operations.


Are the technicians experienced?

Your guest line needs to process information from a variety of sources, which means your techs need to be highly skilled in the conversion of data into action. Some companies have very talented technical personnel but are not award-winning. Some of the better companies will have award-winning personnel with years of experience.


What are the costs of using their technology?

You must ask these types of questions before partnering with any hotelier tech. One of the most common price points is about ten percent of the billings every month. If you are paying that much, it is imperative that you also have to pay for cloud-based data storage, which your post will use to pull information from your other systems for your hotel. Even if you only pay a few dollars per month, that can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of the year.


There is an increasing need

for Hotel Tech in today’s market. The best techs are those that offer your guest line access from anywhere, at any time, adding value to your operations while reducing your maintenance costs. The best Vogt techs will also have the ability to provide any type of assistance, such as helping hoteliers set up email, or help with scheduling and reservations. Look for award-winning companies that will also have the tools to integrate the guest line into existing systems for easy sharing across multiple platforms.

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