Should I Consider When Switching To A New Energy Supplier?

What Should I Consider When Switching To A New Energy Supplier?

When it comes to switching energy suppliers there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. Whether you’re working on your own, with a professional broker, or using an independent agent, here are a few things to remember when you’re searching for a new supplier to switch to. You might be unhappy with the services you’re paying for, or you’re maybe looking for a way to save some extra cash per month.

Do you currently have gas and electricity supplies from your current energy supplier?

If you do then the chances are you’ve been offered an annual gas and electricity rebate, either by them, the company you use, or a partner company. To take this rebate it’s important to always make sure you’ve used their gas and electricity suppliers with no faults. Speak to your current provider and see if they offer any other deals such as this to ensure you get the most out of your savings.

Have you had your gas and electricity meters checked recently?

Some gas and electricity suppliers offer free meter checks when you first sign with them, others don’t. If you don’t already have a meter installed it’s worth making sure yours is in good condition and ready for use by your new energy supplier. Your old supplier should still give you a quote for any gas and electricity they supply to you but it’s a good idea to have your meters checked as well.

What’s your gas and electricity meter number?

This is an important thing to ask your new energy supplier when you come to install your gas and electricity. Find out what your existing gas and electricity meter number is and get this number from your gas and electricity suppliers at the start of your accounts. This way you can be sure you’re not paying too much more for your gas and electricity than you need to. Find out also what kind of meter they use (revolving, slotted, or fixed rate).

How much gas and electricity do you currently use?

Be honest here – don’t think that just because you’re switching to a new energy supplier that all your current gas and electricity suppliers will suddenly sell you their gas and electricity at the same price. Some will offer you a discount both now and after the switch but most won’t. Also, if you only use a proportion of your household gas and electricity then make sure you ask your new energy supplier how much of your gas and electricity will be switched over to their gas supplier at the start of your accounts. They should be able to give you a specific figure here.

Can you get any state help?

If you’re struggling to meet your monthly bills then it’s worth looking at the different ways you can save money on these utility bills. For example, some energy suppliers have state-based rate packages available which can help to save you some money each month. Find out how you can qualify for this and whether it’s likely to apply to your circumstances. And of course, if you’re guaranteed to save money every month then find out what your new energy supplier has to offer in terms of special deals and incentives. As a reminder though, switching to a new supplier isn’t without its ‘con’.

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