reading stay-at-home guide to runnng for local Government

Stay at Home Guide to Running for Local Government Offices in Wake County

If you want to read some good books, you may want to start with a reading stay-at-home guide. The majority of people will probably say “I can’t read.” Most people won’t be able to read very well. Most of us have a hard time reading when we are stressed out or tired. That’s why we often need a guide to help us.


Watch American Animals by Kevin Dunn.

Reading this book will get you through the transition from being a child to being an adult. You will learn how to put together the money online to pay for college. You will also learn how to prepare a great meal that can feed yourself and your family for months while you are still living at home. This book will get you through your first two years of living alone.


Read the New York State Government’s Annual Report

on the Fair Housing Wage Order. In the fair housing wage order released in 1971, the state passed what is known as the “Reverse Mortgage Clause” into law. The clause says that anyone who “moves” a family dwelling or rents in an apartment must be paid the federal reverse mortgage loan rate for the first year of the home or apartment and any subsequent years. These laws were put into effect after the passing of the 1971 census.


Learn more about the affordable housing Raleigh seminars.

At the seminars, you will learn how local NCHS (North Carolina Department of Housing and Community Development) boards make their decisions about who gets low-income housing funds. You will hear about how important it is to have a well-planned, non-arbitrarily decided, affordable plan for the community and you will see the impact that your elected officials can make. You will learn about how important it is to have your interests represented by the local planning board so you get what you want. Learn how important it is to be your advocate when it comes to planning and development.


Get your local Raleigh regional association

informed about any upcoming elections. Watch for information about any upcoming state house primaries or federal general elections. Watch for any special statewide or national realtor meetings. Anytime there is an opportunity to meet potential voters, attend and sign up. You can easily locate the contact information of any of the many Raleigh regional associations of realtors. These include the NC Real Estate Association, the North Carolina Society of Realtors, and the NC Apartment Association.


If you are registered as a member of any of these groups

attend and sign up at their annual convention. At these events, you will have a chance to meet the people who run for local office and network with other like-minded people who share your interests and goals. This is one of the best ways to learn about what the future may hold for you, if you are running for any type of political office, for a State House seat, for any countywide position, or any local government position.

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