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There is no shortage of comments on moms who choose to stay home to take care of their children. But what do researchers say? The top seven findings revealed in recent studies study by the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), may surprise you. Study reveals that stay-at-home mom’s have a healthier mental health, are less depressed and anxious, score higher on school test, and are better able to cope with stress.


The top 7 findings study by the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) reveals that stay-at-home moms are less depressed and anxious than other women who work outside the home. In addition, the child’s social development is enhanced. Child exhibits less aggression and social assertiveness. Moms who are stay at home tend to be more satisfied with their jobs, are more successful financially, and have greater job satisfaction. In the end, the mother who stays at home is one of the best jobs for moms because it offers flexibility, increased income, and greater job satisfaction.

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Studies also reveal that stay at home moms tend to take on additional responsibilities, which increases their mental health and skills. These additional responsibilities include taking care of small children, chores around the house, and caring for elderly parents. Each of these activities requires the ability to stay focused, be flexible, and learn new skills that increase job satisfaction. The optimal stay at home job for moms would combine all of these positive aspects into a single task; this task would be mentally stimulating and improve one’s overall quality of life.

Research also demonstrates that stay at home moms who perform several home jobs are more productive and are more effective at getting things done. The tasks performed range from completing surveys and writing quotes to negotiating with suppliers and handling client relations. Moms who perform several home jobs can multitask and manage multiple projects at once. As a result, these moms often increase their productivity and profit from increasing profitability of their business.

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Moms who spend a lot of time away from home raising little ones often find themselves becoming depressed and having difficulty coping with the stress. In order to better cope with this, moms should consider finding a great job that allows them to spend quality time with their little ones. Stay at home moms can benefit greatly from finding a great job that allows them to both benefit financially and take care of their family. A great job for a mom can be a mom home based business.

There are several options available for moms looking to make money from home. The most popular option is through online marketing, where marketers can use their computers to connect with potential customers. Other options include selling products through auction sites, selling information products, writing articles, or creating video blogs. Regardless of the opportunity chosen, moms should always keep in mind that there will always be a need for them in the world, so they should choose a job that is best suited for them.

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