Wicker Dog Bed

How to Choose the Right Wicker Dog Crate For Your Little Dog

Each of the wicker dog crates manufactured by mills using traditional weaving techniques is designed to be a beautiful focal point on your property, garden, farm, or country for you, your family, and especially your beloved pet to enjoy and admire. Each handcrafted wooden dog crate is proudly signed by the Amish artisan family who crafts each dog’s custom-made pet carrier or dog crate for your cherished canine. Each one of these stylish dog carriers or dog crates is handcrafted by the highest skilled Amish artisans in the industry who have dedicated their art to the continued happiness and durability of the animals they produce for you and others. Each carrier or dog crate is sturdy and attractive and designed with your canine companion in mind. Whether you are looking for a carrier to take your pooch on a long, exciting trip, on vacation, to training school, to travel with friends, or just to use every day, you will find that there is a wide variety of choices available that will allow you to make the most of your canine companion’s life.


Dog carriers and dog crates

are the perfect solution for traveling with your pet during all four seasons. With a variety of sizes and designs, you can find a carrier or crate that will work for your canine friend no matter how much activity he gets or how many people he meets. These sturdy, beautiful, all-natural wooden dog carriers and crates will help protect your canine friend from the elements as he goes about his daily chores or ventures. Made of weather-resistant cedarwood, woven wicker dog beds are durable and easy to clean making them a smart investment for your pet’s outdoor living space. They also provide the needed warmth and security in cold climates.


If you are looking for something

a bit more lavish for your dog’s outdoor adventures, you may want to look into something a bit more lavish than simple dog bedding. You can choose a dog bedding set consisting of a comforter, sheets, shams, and a collar and leash. These stylish, yet functional accessories are a wonderful way to dress up your beloved pet’s outdoor living area. Comforters made of luxurious, soft, chenille fleece are perfect for keeping your canine buddy warm in the winter months. And, when it is time for a nice hot bath, he can get his deserved bath in a luxurious dog bedding set made from luxurious, pure white chenille fabric.



are another great way to dress up your outdoor space. A large cushion may be perfect for your couch or rocking chair, but if you need to protect your pup from the elements, there are plenty of cushioned dog beds available as well. Soft, chenille cushion covers are great for using over a soft blanket or to cushion a dog bed. Or, if you prefer a firmer, leather-style cushion for your bed, there are many styles of leather dog beds available as well. These are typically water-resistant and durable, making them perfect for long-lasting use in the outdoors.


If you’re looking for a dog bed

that’s a little bit more formal but still comfortable and cozy, you might want to consider a bed with an internal metal frame. These stylish, durable beds offer a classic style that has a washable fabric cover. The inner metal frame is durable and comes pre-assembled, so it’s easy to enjoy a nice, clean wash. The fabric cover can be easily removed and washed as well. The bed comes with two metal “pegs” on the bottom that gives the impression of a bench.


Choose a Wicker Dog Crate and Encircle your furry friend

with his very own personalized luxury dog bed. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors, with a cushion and valance optional. Some come with matching doggie bags. This cushioned pet bed is the ideal companion for busy dogs who need a place to snooze during the day. They’re also great for larger dogs who feel like they have their very own sofa!

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