how do we move towards cleaner energy?

Clean Energy Jobs

Renewable energy is rising, as innovation brings further downsides and begins to deliver on the dream of a clean energy future. Recent technological breakthroughs have made solar panels more affordable and allow them to be used in place of traditional electricity sources. American wind and solar generation are also being integrated into the national electric grid without compromising local reliability. This means that renewable energies are becoming more widely displacing fossil fuels as a source of energy. But how do we move towards cleaner energy?


One solution is for homeowners to take active participation

in improving the energy efficiency of their homes. In this way, a change can begin that leads to a cleaner, greener planet for generations to come. Homeowners who choose to implement passive solar design and other clean energy efficiency upgrades in their homes can do so both today and in the future.


Passive solar design

is a smart investment for today and tomorrow. Its installation reduces a home’s energy consumption by 80 percent. A study conducted by a consulting firm found that such an investment would pay for itself within three years, reducing household electrical bills by up to $30 per year. Installing solar panels improves the overall aesthetic appearance of a house as well as its energy efficiency. Many green homes also employ wind power generators to reduce electrical consumption. Such systems not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also improve air quality and provide a natural escape route from airborne pollutants.


As advances in clean energy solutions take hold

the public’s awareness of environmental impacts will grow. Concerns over global warming and climate change have surged ahead in recent years, and it seems that public opinion is quickly shifting toward greener energy solutions. Many households have begun experimenting with wind power generators to cut electricity bills. Others have opted to replace older, less efficient appliances with energy-efficient models. Experts who support clean energy solutions believe these changes will eventually lead to a movement toward renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind power.


As concerns about climate change and environmental impacts grow

experts are debating what solutions should be adopted. Some researchers think that electricity generation using fossil fuels should be curtailed while others think it should be replaced completely. On the one hand, the combustion of fossil fuels results in large amounts of carbon dioxide, which in turn causes global warming. On the other hand, clean energy technologies can potentially lower greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in less climate change and cleaner air pollution. Many researchers feel that the best solution is to combine clean energy technologies with renewable sources of energy.


While efforts to convert the world to cleaner energy

have been met with some resistance, the general public is slowly starting to understand the huge benefits of such initiatives. As regulations begin to be implemented and renewable sources of energy become more widely available, consumers may even embrace green energy as an alternative to conventional sources of electricity. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the clean energy industry “provides a significant market opportunity for investors.” As more sources of energy are converted to clean forms, clean energy jobs will likely continue to grow. These jobs, in addition to the clean energy jobs that will be created, will help ensure that the Earth’s resources are conserved and protected for future generations.

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