How Can a Business Energy Consultant Help?

If you want to share your business energy requirements and develop an effective energy procurement strategy for yourself, then please contact a Energy Consultants who are experts in this field. These consultants have years of experience in implementing projects which will save you money whilst helping you to make the most of renewable energy resources. They can help you in a number of ways.

By using their expertise you can benefit from the following:

o Market Pricing – A fixed rate tariff can be agreed upon between the supplier and the business energy consultant. In this type of scheme the supplier agrees to purchase a certain amount of electricity on a set rate for a specified period. This is often the best way to secure a fixed rate, as the prices do not fluctuate as much as the contracts for gas and electricity. If there was a sudden increase in demand for a particular time of the year it may be possible for the supplier to offer a temporary contract, in order to avoid a sudden rise in prices, which could affect the fixed tariffs.

o Guaranteed Renewable Energy Contracts – This is another great benefit, which will be enjoyed by many business owners. In this type of scheme the consultant will agree a guaranteed supply of energy for a period of years. During this period the consultant can charge a fee according to the agreed rate. Although many business owners feel that they are paying too much, they will only ever pay the agreed rate. However, if the energy costs exceed the guaranteed Renewable Energy Certificates, then the supplier will only pass on the difference to the client.

o No Contracts – Unlike the fixed rate contracts, there are no long-term binding contracts entered into with the suppliers. There is also no need to stay with the supplier for a specified length of time. With this type of scheme the customer is free to switch supplier at any time. A typical business energy consultant will be able to search around for the most suitable deals, and present them to the client. In addition, there is also no extra cost for the customer, which tends to become attached to the fixed business energy prices, when compared to those linked to renewable or ‘green’ energy sources.

o Green Energy – It is very important to ensure that the client receives an adequate level of green energy. By using green energy the clients can make a contribution to reducing their overall demand for energy, and also ensuring that the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. There are various ways in which the companies can achieve this, and the consultant will work with the clients to find the most suitable options for his/her needs. The energy mix, and how much green energy is needed, will have to be worked out carefully, but it is likely that the levels of renewable energy mix will be considerably higher than with the fixed rate contracts.

o Energy-Saving Kitchens – It can often pay to have a designated person in charge of implementing energy-saving initiatives. This can be the company manager, or someone else in the company who has completed an energy audit and understands the need for efficiency. The person in charge should have sufficient knowledge to implement the measures without resulting in a large-scale operation. Implementing a series of small initiatives can really make a difference to a business’s bottom line. Implementing a high-quality energy audit is the first step to improving the efficiency of the business, and reducing its overall demand for energy.

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