Giving Up Smoking: Is It Worth The Effort?

Giving up smoking is not an easy thing to do. There are several different stages in giving up smoking. The first few weeks after quitting are very hard and it may seem like you just won’t be able to stop. Smoking is a psychological addiction and if you give up too soon it can be extremely difficult to overcome.


cigarettes contain nicotine

Giving up smoking usually means that a person no longer wants to have cigarettes, but they still need them. It’s important to remember that cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and will result in physical dependence if not taken off. Nicotine withdrawal can make the first few weeks of giving up especially difficult. It’s also possible for a smoker to be able to stop smoking without using any type of medication, though this is not recommended.


Lung cancer and emphysema

The reasons why you should quit smoking are quite varied and there are many different health benefits to quitting. One of the main reasons that people don’t quit smoking is because they don’t know about the health benefits. Lung cancer and emphysema can both be deadly if left untreated, and since most people realize that they should quit smoking there’s a good chance that they’ll quit on their own. Quitting on your own is much easier than going through treatments administered by a trained professional.


the pleasure of smoking

Most smokers who try to quit find that their lungs start to become irritated when they attempt to quit. Some people smoke simply to relax, but when you keep your lungs irritated and inflamed long enough you can begin to suffer from serious health problems. Many people smoke because they enjoy the taste of cigarette smoke, but if they never had the pleasure of smoking they wouldn’t be doing it.


Your lungs will become stronger

If you don’t have a lot of willpower when you decide to kick the smoking habit you may experience some strong cravings for cigarettes. If this happens you shouldn’t feel alarmed or judge yourself because it is a natural part of quitting the habit. Your body will go through withdrawal symptoms before it completely gets rid of the nicotine. You should be aware of the fact that the first few weeks of quitting are the hardest because your body is going through so many negative changes. However, if you follow these tips your addiction to smoking will soon be a distant memory. Your lungs will become stronger as you battle through those initial weeks, your skin will become healthier, and you will become a healthier person overall.


For many people the toll smoking takes on their emotional health is worth the mild inconveniences involved with quitting cigarettes. You may experience headaches and unpleasant feelings after giving up cigarettes, but these unpleasant feelings are a direct result of your body trying to rid itself of the poison in cigarettes. Soon you’ll notice that all those nasty unpleasant feelings are actually advantages.

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