Flea Treatment For Your Dog Or Cat

Flea treatments

Also known as bug sprays, are methods used to cure flea infestations on animal or human populations. They can either eliminate or treat the fleas themselves and can alleviate the symptoms caused by flea bites. These methods vary from flea collars to spot-on applications, and from flea dips to steam douches. Flea control is a vital part of owning a pet and keeping them healthy.

Many flea treatment products today contain ingredients that either kill or sterilize the flea eggs, which makes them incapable of growing into pupae (the stage in which they attach to humans and start life cycles). Flea collars, spot-on applications, and shampoos with active ingredient baits can all be effective in killing adult fleas and prevent them from breeding. Some products however, kill or sterilize only flea eggs and larva; others kill and sterilize both.

chemicals that kill or sterilize adult fleas

The active ingredient in many flea treatment products either baits or chemicals that kill or sterilize adult fleas and their larvae. Chemicals such as chlorpyrifos, carbofloxacin, or erythromycin sulfate are commonly found in shampoos that treat dogs. Beneficials can also present their pets with spot-ons that contain an insect growth inhibitor (also referred to as Bt) to inhibit ticks from continuing to feed on the dog. Both spot-ons and Bt can be lethal to adult fleas and flea larvae.

Flea shampoos can also be effective in the prevention and treatment of fleas. Many pet stores and online pet retailer’s stock high-quality shampoos that inhibit adult flea life cycles. These are usually diluted with water to provide a mild flea treatment for all hair types. Flea treatments containing flea combs are effective in killing flea eggs and larvae. Combs need to be thoroughly rinsed out after each use.

flea control shampoos

Flea control products are available for both dogs and cats. Pets with allergies to flea saliva will respond well to flea control shampoos that contain a specific ingredient called Pyrethrum which is a natural dehumidifier. Flea pillows are useful for cats and dogs as they prevent the animal from lying on top of it. Preventative flea products for dogs are generally not recommended by veterinarians, as their effects are not known.

Fleas can cause many unwanted illnesses and symptoms in both dogs and cats. Cats will scratch, chew and rub on their itchy and irritated skin which carries germs into their blood streams. This can make them more susceptible to other infections. Dogs may get sores on their elbows, knees, and groin areas if they are constantly trying to scratch, which spreads the infection to their surrounding areas. The best way to get rid of fleas is to prevent them by educating yourself on how to prevent them from infesting your home.

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