Discover the Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

perfect renewable energy system

Solar, wind, geothermal and bio-mass are some of the commonly used forms of renewable energy that are being used today. Most of these sources do not pollute the environment or produce hazardous waste. This is the advantage and disadvantage of renewable energy sources. With the advent of modern technology, renewable energy is becoming more popular. The disadvantage of it is that it will be a long time before we find a perfect renewable energy system that can completely replace the use of fossil fuels.

Most of the renewable energy sources use fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas). In this way, fossil fuels emit polluting gases and harmful waste. This is the disadvantage of renewable energy sources. The pollution from the burning of fossil fuels and harmful waste from the manufacturing of renewable energy products is very high.

effective clean source of renewable energy

Wind power is an example of an effective clean source of renewable energy. Wind energy does not release any harmful waste into the environment. Although wind power can be affected by climatic changes, wind generators can work all year round. This is the advantage of renewable energy over fossil fuels. Wind generators do not have to be maintained like fossil fuels.

Bio-mass is another clean source of renewable energy. It uses living material like plants, worms and microorganisms to create energy. Biomass is considered to be the most environmentally friendly type of renewable energy because there are no pollutants produced during the production process. The process of bio-mass is similar to that of wind. However, bio-mass generators do not use fossil fuels to generate their energy. The only byproduct produced by the production of bio-mass is heat.

lower environmental impact

There are many other advantages of using renewable energy sources. They have a much lower environmental impact than their fossil fuel counterparts. In addition, they are extremely affordable to use in place of traditional electricity sources. They are extremely safe to use and are much more reliable than their fossil fuel counterparts.

Now that you understand the advantages of renewable energy, you need to learn what are the disadvantages of using them. One major disadvantage of using these energy sources is that it releases harmful pollutants into the environment. Fossil fuels and nuclear waste are two examples of this. Bio-mass produces carbon dioxide, dioxins and harmful gases. This means that if we are to use bio-mass in place of fossil fuels and nuclear waste, we will definitely produce more harmful pollutants.

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