Dental Careers

Careers in the Dental Field

Dental Careers is a popular field because it offers a good salary and offers job security for an undetermined period. The demand for dental care in the United States is expected to grow 10 percent over the next decade. Dental care involves educating, diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases of the mouth and teeth. It includes the prevention and treatment of disorders of the jaw, tongue, throat, palate, and jaws. There are several career paths in dental care.


Dental Assistants work

with dentists and dental hygienists. They assist them in the day-to-day processes like taking X-rays, cleaning teeth, and charting a patient’s records. Dental Assistants can also help make patients more comfortable during their visit. Dental Assistants pursue other dental careers such as paralegals who assist dentists in performing administrative tasks; dental technicians who construct and maintain dental equipment; and dental marketers who promote dental products. The requirements to pursue a dental career vary from state to state.


A person who has completed an Associate’s degree,

two years of college and a two-year course can become a Dental Assistant. This is a fast-growing career path that can take a person to various dental careers. The minimum requirements to become a Dental Assistant are a high school diploma; however, some areas require only a high school diploma or GED. One can also obtain a certificate program to become a Dental Assistant. An Associate’s degree program takes about two years to complete.


Another one of the dental field

paths in which Dental Assistants can pursue is the laboratory technician. A laboratory technician assists dentists and doctors in performing various procedures. These include diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and many types of maintenance procedures. These careers require a high school diploma or GED. In addition to these career paths, some students will choose to go on to dental administration, dental marketing, and dental public relations.


There are other dental careers

that take less time than the typical two years from high school to obtain a certificate program. The most popular of these is the Neon Dental Assistant, otherwise known as an NVDA. An NVDA is an assistant who works under the supervision of a licensed dentist. The median salary for this career is about $19 per hour.


Dental assistants

perform preventative services and treatments on patients with oral health conditions. In addition to assisting dentists, dental assistants also provide care to patients with communicative disorders and physically challenged individuals. These healthcare professionals work with children and teenagers. Many individuals enter into this career field, to improve the quality of the patient’s oral health care.

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